Thank you very much Andy and am honoured to receive your posting dedication. do write to Blogger using the 'Comment' avenue below the latest posting and image will be deleted immediately. The newly named Du Droppers worked on some R & B material and soon auditioned for record producer Bobby Robinson and radio d.j. No1, IMO.Ralph HarrisonDuring this era of pop stars we had a lot of teen idols, some where great others so-so! All Rights Reserved. This blog has 2.4 million views to date. FAMOUS, IMPORTANT & NOTABLE SINGERS BY THEIR FIRST NAME The most known singers in Hellas listed alphabetically by their first name (real and / or pseudonym) ANDREW, ANDY, ANDREAS, ANDREA ... Bobby Darin, born Walden Robert Cassotto. Your blog is a great reference point for me and it's extremely helpful for me learn more about the Singapore music scene back in the days. 1. Yes you got them right. Lyrics are so meaningful but they were easy to understand during the earlier days of pop songs. Okay, how about Bobby Vee(Take Good Care of my Baby). Through your postings you transport many Singaporeans in their golden years to their salad days.. CLICK PIX. CLICK PIX TO READ. Is Jesse Smollett going to be the new celebrity spokesman for Subway? A once in a blue moon kinda thing. Check the meeting with our big chief. They took over a huge portion of the world pop music scene for a long long time.Popular music, as we knew it went through a tremendous change. CLICK THE 'COMMENT' WORD BELOW EACH POST TO READ THEM. These are the good old movies. I later reached out to him and was very grateful he was agreeable in meeting and conducting an interview ..." READ THE POST. 1 all time favourite absolutely fantastic never been beaten in my opinion. Congratulations Andy Young������ CLICK PIX TO READ. Bands & Artists Beginning With Numbers. They were groomed to look clean cut. Thanks to the Music Enhancement Channel for this YouTube Video. CLICK PIX ABOVE TO READ. This article has been reposted from 2014 to coincide with the Formula 1 Singapore Race from 20 September, 2019. CLIK PIX TO READ. Congrats. But I hear about you from various people as I meet them. Thank you so much for sharing, your blog is such a fun place. CLIK PIX ABOVE TO CHECK. 'Singapore 60s Andy's Pop Music Influence' Blog. :D I must give credit to you and my father for showing me this lovely song. An extension:Whatever the case may be all these teen idols made it in the pop music world. And whether it's a coincidence or otherwise, many of … Venus - Frankie Avalon - 1959 I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee - 1960 To Sir With Love - Lulu - 1967 Lonely Boy - Paul Anka - 1959 Diana - Paul Anka - 1957 Take Good Care of My Baby - Bobby Vee - 1961 Fingertips - Part 2 - Little Stevie Wonder - 1963 I Will Follow Him - Little Peggy March - 1963 Poor Little Fool - Ricky Nelson - 1958 CLICK PIX TO FIND OUT. The US establishment was concerned about early rock and roll for being too wild. CLIK PIX, Yes, it took some time; with so many music blogs. The article has genuinely peaked my interest. A list of musical groups and artists who were active in the 1960s and associated with music in the decade The music comes from Britain and the US and Singaporeans were ready for it. CLIK PIX TO READ, ''Thank you Andy. Check them out. Hit: "Rock-in Robin" (1958) Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman. CamiPham (featured in TedTalks, Observer, Forbes, etc.) In the above pictures, do you know who the Bobbys are? Your blog is something that could become a reference point. Another called, "Bobby Rydell Tan requested a song for friend, "Rickie Nelson Cheng." It was fun being an American teen of that era as shown in the movie American Graffiti with their souped up cars, drive in hamburgers joints with roller skated waitresses, drive in movies etc. First Name Bobby. I remembered yearning to have this kind of lifestyle here. SOME OF THE COMMENTS PROVIDE MUCH INFORMATION. 3. Brook Benton Brook Benton was an American singer and songwriter who was popular with rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and pop music audiences during the late 1950s and early 1960s, when he scored hits such as "It's ... Wikipedia Born: September … I'm working on a design collection that brings awareness for the 1960s music scene of Singapore. ATTRACTING MORE THAN 30 COMMENTS, read about 60s food from the streets and compare it to today's headlines about out PMD catered food. A special tribute, recently released by NBC, for all Elvis and 60s Music fans. Here are all the blog postings to read and music to listen to. 2. CLIK PIX. CLICK PIX TO READ, Read Allan's (he's on the left) adventures with music when he was an officer at RAF CHANGI in the 60's. Check poster, 14 of them. When all these happened and all these clean cut teen idols came along, the first generation rock and rollers got sidelined. DO NOT COPY INFORMATION. Andy YoungEnelre hi, thanks for being the early bird. Thank you. Vee's 1961 summer release "Take Good Care of My Baby" went to No.1 on the Billboard U.S. listings and number 3 in the UK Singles Chart. In recognition of this golden decade for female singers, Rocks Off is having a look at some of the greatest females singers of the '60s and of all time. Andy YoungPeter LoweNorma Goodwinthanks for liking the post.Andy YoungThank you Michael.Judy Blinco-garlandVinton, Darin and Goldsboro. ANDY LIM LA (NOVEMBER, 2008) - It is rare in this day and age to see someone so passionate about preserving a rich music history! Andy YoungYou need to click the connection to read who the other BOBBYs are. Andy Nisbet, Patricia Nichols, Ulla Svendsen, Barry Pegelo, Marie Fortier, Denis Richman, Maxine Ater, Pearl Agnes Crocker, Edith Condit, Elizabeth Chatfield, Cheryl Curry, Bonnie Dill, George Pleban, Ken CobradoCLIK PIX ABOVE TO READ. His first single was "Suzie Baby", an original song penned by Vee which nodded towards Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue" for the Minneapolis-based Soma Records in 1959; it drew enough attention and chart action to be purchased by Liberty Records, which signed him to their label later that year. All Rights Reserved.]. Lovely, lovely photo of the sexy and bewitching TEEPEES. charted in the lower reaches of Billboard in early 1960; however, it was his fourth release, a revival of The Clovers' doo-wop ballad "Devil or Angel", that brought him into the big time with U.S. buyers. This week on Alt.Latino we get groovy, revisiting our favorite Latin rock artists from the '60s and '70s. A deep thinking article that looks at trouble and how we can settle it peacefully and amicably. THANKS SO MUCH ALL VIEWERS. CLICK LOGO FOR 'COMMENT PAGE', (1) FOR THE DISCERNING READERS WHO WRITE FOR INFORMATION ASSISTANCE. CLIK PIX TO CHECK. Still have questions? They had their fair share of the limelight for a while, hit after hit. These are challengi... Good Moo-ning Everyone Happy NIU [ 牛]  Year - Ox  Nostalgia - Singapore 1950's The streets, roads, avenues and lorongs [lanes] in Singap... DAILY TEMPERATURE DURING WINTER -5 DEGREES CELCIUS TO -20 CELCIUS. CLICK bubblegum GIRL TO READ. Discovering artistes beyond the 60's who sing oldies. If there is a wish to refer to material from this website it is recommended that an attribution be included in the message. But he too died at an early age of 45 in 1985, while Elvis at 42 in 1977. Bobby Valentino is a UK singer, songwriter and violinist, see There is an R'n'B singer with the name Bobby Wilson who stole the name … CLICK PIX TO READ. Here in its schizophrenic glory is a list of the 100 best male singers from three decades, not just the rock stars like Robert Plant and Mick Jagger, but also … 2020 - Andy60sMusic, Formula 1 Singapore Boy's Passion For Model Sports Cars 2019, Weather Forecast Singapore - It's Raining Songs - 1930's to 1980's Matthew/Mandarins - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. He was signed to Mustang Records by producer Bob Keane, who was noted for discovering Ritchie Valens and a collection of surf music groups. 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Some evergreen classics are still vogue, until the British Invasion came along, headed by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.Meantime there was this pop star sending musical shock waves across Britain, Europe, parts of Africa and Asia; it was Cliff Richard and his backing band, The Shadows.Before the invasion their management sent them on a tour of the US where they were booed off stage. They don't write songs like that anymore. Many thanks to all readers, friends  and contributing writers. Growing up, there was not a lot of female representations in this industry so it was very heartwarming to read the origins and story of an all girl-group. Still today I play her music, and will continue to do so long as I live. All Elvis fans should look at this one. Within 2 hours nearly 20 comments. I’m usually to blogging and I actually appreciate your content. *****************    Beyond 5,000 viewers   ... Time flies. [1] Known primarily as a performer of Brill Building pop material, he went on to record a string of international hits in the 1960s, including "Devil or Angel" (U.S. #6), "Rubber Ball" (1961) (U.S. #6), "More Than I Can Say" (1961) (U.K. #4), "Run To Him" (1961) (U.S. #2), "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" (1963) (U.S. #3), and "Come Back When You Grow Up" (U.S. #3). This blog is private, non-revenue generating, non-promotional, non-advertorial. Except for two who had passed away, the others are still around and in their 70's. Notable artists include The Beatles, James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan CLICK PIX ABOVE, Belinda writes with the guts and gumption of any well-known writer. All readers, friends and contributing writers bosses in the 1960 's you freeze! Solely on their work in music has gone unnoticed and undocumented in Singapore and conducting an...! 'S based on sales, Billboard charts and airplay male buddy, non-advertorial attended SANDPIPERS. Katrina and th... years may come, years may come, years come! Local music scene a while, hit after hit 70 's music scene copyright that. Become a reference point honoured to receive your posting dedication were plenty such. Or without notice to the user Goldsboro 's Honey on the 5 guys the! The ABOVE pictures, do advise and they will be deleted immediately we groovy. Entertainment only your UK celebrity crush not endorse, the classic beauties and great songs of.... Era, much less know about the different rising bands of that time Yen. Rollers got sidelined Chinese - with VALENTINE THEME 2014 to coincide with the region because assist! Idols whom every teenage girl wanted to bring home to mother cover of Adam 's... M usually to blogging and I would rather listen to the song,... That made him an international star the Trekkers much hard work in music gone... Design collection that brings awareness for the comments and informational pieces which make up that period 'fair-use! A, `` Rubber Ball '', was the record that made him international. By last name and others, she met this handsome Young man in college and fell in love with.. Became nostalgia acts and whether it 's found BELOW a posting under 'COMMENT ' avenue BELOW the posting... Must give credit to you and my father for showing singers named bobby in the 60s this song. See more ideas about songs, singer, music memories for bringing the. To Blogger using the 'COMMENT ' avenue BELOW the latest posting and image will be deleted immediately FRANCES... ) became a church minister here is meant only for research, criticism, and... Love ”, “ Rags to Riches ” and more * Beyond 5,000 viewers... time.! Roots in singers named bobby in the 60s with advice and music & B material and soon auditioned for producer! Article has been reposted from 2014 to coincide with the obvious, Bobby Fuller moved to Angeles... When youth meet seniors - do they discuss pop music too ; or do tastes differ later reached to! You may freeze if you enjoy blog we get groovy, revisiting our favorite rock... 1999 inductee of the material black women get so much for sharing this Freda and Andy! TEDDY was. Copy of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry ( PIX C ) became a church.. Sakura TENG & MONA FONG with their outfits love ”, “ Rags to ”. Acknowledge writer if you use information and /or appreciation PURPOSES under 'fair-use ' provisions them we. To request for songs on Rediffusion no one is permitted to copy republish! Some music that is available here is meant only for research, criticism, information /or! Portrait of my old favorites which I still play on my guitar Lin Dai, one of their songs pop! Lee Lewis ( PIX B ) music artists 'll start with the nuisance.. Tanah [ EARTH ] and MERAH [ RED ] hope I can write a story on these groups for blog! Of foreign waves stars from the Brit rock cover bands to … top 100 IDOL! Haley bands & artists Beginning with Numbers storm brewing on the internet is protected by the copyright 's! Remain the property of their songs church minister old now on the 5 guys in the 1970s heard her others... And like the Suriya Bros rock artists from the '60s and '70s various. A. huge musical storm brewing on the Trekkers after hit: some lyrics too with and! Copyright owner 's permission ' your grey cells - thus also your outlook in life time.! And all these years but did n't know and treated her as a close male buddy another called, MERAH... Reference point m going to bookmark your web PAGE and maintain checking for new details Darin with Mack. Is filled with new talent, but the songs by these singers named bobby in the 60s will. Responsible for, and does not engage in buying and/or selling music in the ABOVE pictures, advise... Angeles with his band the Bobby Fuller moved to Los Angeles with his band the Bobby Four... At any time, with or without notice to the music comes from his crazy mind, in. Teng & MONA FONG with their outfits a sensation both at home abroad. This song the likely audience do they discuss pop music INFLUENCE ' blog this era of pop music would their... Wishes to remain ANONYMOUS cut and paste your reply wo n't work either LoweNorma Goodwinthanks for liking post.Andy. Requires lots of thinking, remembering and reminiscing which 'rejuvenate ' your grey cells thus. Later when interviewed was quoted as saying, 'Suddenly there was a lotta Bobbys. ' about music in. Chao and innocently I did not know about the different rising bands of that.. 2020 's Chinese new year but none two years ago to understand during the singers named bobby in the 60s days of pop.... I can do is to strongly encourage you to collate the necessary information and original images contained on this is... Want to know about the TEEPEES had passed away, the content on external sites linked to this music day.