So hard to figure out what went on with so many versions She was prisoned along with her husband by Kansa as some astrologer predicted that he will be killed by Devaki’s son. Maybe they did, I don't know, but there are some sources that say the babies were born through divine intervention since it was necessary for all six babies to be born before Balaram and Krishna. At the end of the marriage ceremony, the newly wedded couple was returning to Vasudeva’s home. Inside the prison walls a terrible foreboding filled the hearts of the expectant parents. Kansa thought that if I kill him, he will not have a son nor will I perish. The seventh Balarama, when yet in the state of foetus, miraculously shifted into the womb of Rohini, Vasudev’s other wife and escaped death. - Water Color on Paper - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei Painting, opaque watercolour on paper, from a dispersed manuscript of the Bhagavata Purana, depicting the marriage of Krishna's parents, Vasudeva and Devaki. Actually, when we read Srimad Bhagavatam, which contains the biography of Lord Krishna, we get to know about the nature of Kansa. He was born in Mathura jail and he was brought up in Gokul. Kamsa loved cousin Devaki so much that he gifted her four hundred elephants and one hundred chariots to the new couple. In childhood, he did great works which were not possible for an ordinary person. His childhood was spent in Gokul. When he was married to Vasudev, Kansa himself drove the chariot to take his sister to her in-laws. I am not sure if Vasudev and Devaki had the privacy for natural procreation, since the jail was guarded 24/7. Lord Krishna Images. ); Beiname Krishnas, der nicht mit seinem Anspruch auf Göttlichkeit vereinbar ist. News As they were about to leave for Vasudev's home, Kamsa, Devaki's corrupted brother decided to drive their chariot. Hence Balaram was saved and here in Mathura, it seemed like Devaki had gone through a miscarriage. His name is Krishna and he's in Brindavan!" Finally, the eighth time, she was pregnant with Lord Krishna. Krishna was the 8th child of Vasudev and Devaki. As per varnashrama dharma there are several casts. "You two have tricked me for long," continued Kansa. Although Devaki had no reason to doubt the divine prophecy, her heart trembled with fear. This wife was Rohini, who was safe in Gokul. Devaki’s Marriage with Vasudev took place in Mathura. So he decided to let them stay together. Devaki gebar Krishna, im Moment der Geburt fielen alle Wächter in einen Schlaf, Devaki und Vasudev hatten eine Vision, in der Krishna ihnen als Vishnu erschien, und Vishnu sagte ihnen: "Ich habe mich inkarniert als dieses kleine Baby. Favourite answer. So why is Krishna called a Yadava? Outside, the winds wailed and the rain fell in torrents. According to Srimad Bhagvad, the last time that Krishna saw his foster parents Nand Baba and Yashodha; and birth parents Vasudev and Devaki was during a pilgrimage to Kurukshetra. Devaki was under the misconception that it was a miscarriage. Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Kansa then puts Devaki and Vasudev in jail and kills their seven children one by one. But his parents, Devaki and Vasudev were Kshatriyas. 2. Women in this condition tend to feel a sense of guilt and experience a withdrawal syndrome, but Devaki stood up to this setback. According to it , Kamsa deliberately kept Devaki and Vasudev in the same cell, since he wanted to show the world that he was not afraid of his death. The divine powers transferred Devaki's seventh child to Rohini's (Vasudev's first wife) womb who took shelter in Nanda and Yashoda's home. Evil as he was, he decided to kill Devaki to prevent his killer from being born. Relevance . Krishna’s mother is Devaki and father Vasudev. As promised, Vasudev handed him his six children which Kansa killed. After the birth of Krishna, Vasudev left him in Gokul to Yashoda and Nanda Baba’s house. Lord Krishna was born to Devaki & Vasudev’s three times in different births. Not letting the couple be together would reflect an action taken under fear. Vasudeva (Sanskrit: वासुदेव Vāsudeva m.), Gott aller Geschöpfe, Licht aller Geschöpfe, der in allen Wesen wohnt; der Sohn Vasudevas (s. Kansa used to kill as soon as the two children were born. The seventh time Devaki was pregnant, it was Balaram in her womb, but by divine design, this fetus was transferred to Vasudev’s other wife’s womb. He wanted the child to take birth and then kill it. Even though Devaki had given birth to Krishna, he was raised by Yashoda. After Devaki and Vasudev’s marriage, Akashwani said that Kansa would die at the hands of Devaki’s eighth son. After Devaki and Vasudev’s marriage, Akashwani said that Kansa would die at the hands of Devaki’s eighth son. Krishna’s Mama Kans killed in Mathura. But as soon as Kansa chanted the chariot, “O Kansa, the eighth son of the god whom you are going to bid farewell to will kill you.” Hearing this, Kansa became enraged and tried to kill Devaki. Deep in the prison cells of Mathura, Vasudev and Devaki waited anxiously for the birth of their eight child. Then suddenly there was a sound on the way. Veers த‌மி‌ழ். However, to create in her the feeling that he was there, by his Yogmaya power, he simply kept expanding Devaki’s womb. Yogamaya greets him. Join Facebook to connect with Devaki Vasudev and others you may know. However, I tend to think this isn’t as simple and straightforward as it seems. Then Devaki and Vasudev fall asleep again under the influence of Maya, then Lord Krishna appears in the form of Baal to Devaki. After the marriage ceremony, Ugrasena son and Devki’s cousin Kansa was driving the chariot of newly wedded couple. Devaki and Vasudev. The moment of truth was upon them. Now I will slay that kid and then, I will slay you two! said Kansa in great anger. Afterwards, he captures Ugrasena and takes over the throne. It is an interesting thought and perhaps a practical solution to end the possibility of someone killing him, yes. Lv 7. Yashoda and Nand were their parents. On a similar note, Skanda Puran says that Dashrath and his wives were not anyone's ansh avtaars but simple bhaktas who received Ram because they performed the Satyanarayan Vrat honestly and selflessly, while Baalkand says that they are anshas of Aditi and Kashyap just like Devaki and Vasudev. If the 8th child of Devki & Vasudev was prophecised to kill Kans, why did he kill the first 7 children? He employed a huge army to escort the bride and bridegroom. Watch Shri Krishna - Hindi Mythology TV Serial on Disney+ Hotstar now. "But not any more. 1 decade ago. That's overconfidence. So did Krishna exchanged with Nand’s newborn daughter whom Kansa killed taking her as Devaki… Devaki was married to the younger son Vasudev. Shursen’s son Vasudev was married to Devaki, the daughter of Devak. Devaki was Kansa’s sister. In childhood, he did great works which were not possible for an ordinary person. 33 Answers. Just then, a divine voice announced that the eighth child of Devaki would be the one to kill Kamsa. View the profiles of people named Devaki Vasudev. When Devaki was married to Vasudev ji, Kansa himself went to the chariot to send the sister-in-law away. Understanding his nature will help us in understanding why he acted in a certain way. “When Shree Krishna manifested upon birth before Vasudev and Devaki, he was in his four-armed Vishnu form.” This full-sized form could definitely not have resided in Devaki’s womb. 1. Krishna Janmashtami 2020. All the casts put together comes under five groups called Brahmans, Kshatriyas, vysyas, suthras and panjamas . March 1, 2012 at 6:21 PM Custom "Your eighth son is alive! It was told that the eighth son born from the womb of your sister, that is, Devaki, whom you are happily taking with her in-laws, will kill you. And as Kansa continued to make earnest attempts to kill Devaki's eighth child, Krishna (who was raised by Nanda and Yashoda), he crossed all limits of Adharma. Someone told Krishna’s maternal uncle Kansa that the children of Vasudev and Devaki would be the cause of his death, so he kept both Vasudev and Devaki in jail. Before Krishna was born, Devaki & Vasudev had been parents of Lord Vishnu twice. Vasudeva (Sanskrit, m., वसुदेव, vasudeva) ist in der indischen Überlieferung wie etwa im indischen Epos Mahabharata und im Bhagavata der Vater von Krishna.Er gehörte zur Dynastie der Yadava und seine Schwester war Kunti, die Mutter der Pandava-Prinzen.Viele Stellen in den Schriften bezeichnen Krishna als Vāsudeva (hier mit langem a), den Sohn des Vasudeva. Saurashtra established Dwarka town and settled there. Vasudev, a noble and Devaki, the princess of Mathura had just been married. Devaki in Chandogya Upanishad. Kans kills Vasudev and Devaki's first born and imprisons them. Answer Save. Oh Vasudev, du musst jetzt mich nehmen und aus dem Gefängnis bringen und in den Hirtenstamm bringen. Should we implement the symbolism of what this teaches us, Lord Krishna will manifest in our lives, as presented by this GIF. His sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev trembled before his terrible face. God Appears in the Vision of Devaki and Vasudev. I had freed you two.